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  2. Music Card: CLASSICAL INSTRUMENTALS (320 kbps MP3 Audio)
Music Card: CLASSICAL INSTRUMENTALS (320 kbps MP3 Audio)

Music Card: CLASSICAL INSTRUMENTALS (320 kbps MP3 Audio)

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320 kbps MP3 Audio HD

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Indian classical music is one of the oldest forms of music in the world. It has its roots in diverse areas such as the ancient religious vedic hymns, tribal chants, devotional temple music and folk music. Indian classical music are on a one-note-at-a-time basis. Indian music is divided into two major classes of Hindustani (Northern Indian) and Carnatic (Southern India), the origins and fundamental concepts of both these types of music are the same. The form of presentation may vary between the two as well as from one gharana to another. The fundamental concepts that have to be understood at the outset are those of swara (musical note), a raga (a melodic concept of scale of notes) and tala (beats of timing or rhythm). Times music presents the musical compositions of the greats like Ustad Bismillah Khan Amjad Ali Khan, Ashish Khan and Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Dr. N Rajam in the Hindustani style to illustrate the important features of Indian music. Also featuring the compositions of Rupak Kulkarni, Niladri Kumar, Rakesh Chaurasia, Abhijit Pohankar, Purbayan, Lakshay and Aayush Mohan Gupta.

Tracks Listing

1. Raaga Madhuvanti Vilambit Ektaal, Madhya Drut Teentaal
2. Raga Madhuwanti - Dhun
3. Bhajan
4. Raga Basant Mukahari
5. Dhun Pahari
6. Raga Hemavati Aalap Vilambit Gat Drut Gat
7. Raga Bageshwari
8. Raga Durga Alaap Jod
9. Raga Durga Gat
10. Raag Chandra Kauns
11. Raag Mishra Shivranjani
12. Raga Darbari Kanhra
13. Raga Lalita Dhwani
14. Raga - Miyan Ki Malhar - Vilambit Jhoomra, Drut Teentaal
15. Raga - Lalit - Vilambit Jhoomra, Drut Teentaal
16. Raga - Deshi, Vilambit Ektaal, Drut Teentaal, Taraana Teentaal
17. Raga - Gunakri, Madhyalaya Rupak
18. Bhajan - Surdasji, Rupak Taal
19. Raga Ahir Bhairav - Alaap, Jor, Jhala, Vilambit Matta Taal, Drut Teen Taal
20. Raga Mishra Bhairavi - Dhun Addha Taal
21. Raga Mishra Pilu Bandish Rupak Taal
22. Raga Shree - Alaap, Jod and Gat in Jhaptaal
23. Raga Shree - Gat in Teental and Jhaala
24. Raga Bilaskhani Todi Alaap, Jor, Jhala Gat Teental
25. Raga Bhairavi Dhun Punjabi Keharva
26. Dhun (based on Raga Bhairavi)
27. Alap - Raag Hansdhwani
28. Jod - Raag Hansdhwani
29. Gat Drut Teen Taal - Raag Hansdhwani
30. Gat Teen Taal - Raag Hansdhwani

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Brand Music Card: CLASSICAL INSTRUMENTALS (320 kbps MP3 Audio)

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